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Central Monitoring and Annunciator Panel

Multiple Audible/Visual Alarm States
Remote Duty Stations
Subsequent Alarm
Common Alarm Contact
Remote Signalling and Control Outputs
Modular Design

The EC-100 Pull Cord Station has a DPDT slide switch for basic alarm systems.

The EC-103 Pull Cord Station has a red LED indicator. A TPDT slide switch on the station provides subsequent and dual alarm state operation.

Cord Set Station

Designed to utilize various cord sets for initiating a call, and can accommodate a 1/4” diameter cord set. A local reset button is provided on each station and a red confirmation LED. Removal of any cord set shall also trigger a call.

Emergency Push Button Station

For Emergency Notifications a push button station can be used. Pressing the button causes a orange indicator to appear and a signal to be sent to the EC-300. Depressing the button causses the sginal to cease and removes the orange indicator.

Duty Station

To annunciate common alarms a duty station can be used. Made stainless steel single gang electrical plates, the AS-084A is durable to abrasive cleaning agents. A remote silence button on the station shall silence all audible signals. A local piezo alert on the station announces any incoming calls.

Door Alarm Station

Provides peripheral exit security for any facility. Each station can monitor normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.) contacts. Ideal for nursing homes, the DA-100A can interface with Mircom’s Emergency Call Systems.

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