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Mircom MIR-65 Series
Conventional Smoke Detectors

The MIR-65 Series incorporate proven sensing technologies, together with advances in materials and electronics technology. Having a wide operating voltage of 9-33VDC, the MIR-65 Series detectors can be integrated into most Fire/Security systems.  The MIR-65 Series wide voltage range family consists of photoelectric smoke, ionization smoke, and heat detectors.

Reflective Beam Smoke Detector

The system comprises of a single unit incorporating an infra-red transmitter and receiver. The signal generated in the transmitter element and reflected by the prism back to the receiver element is analyzed for the presence of smoke. The internal microprocessor determines an alarm condition when a predetermined level is reached. The system is designed to be mounted so the beam will project between 1ft. (0.305 m) and 2ft. (0.61m) below and parallel to the ceiling. Lateral detection may be up to 30ft. (9.144m) on either side of the beam, providing a maximum total coverage area of up to 19,800 square feet (60ft. x 330ft. or 18.288m x 100m).

System Sensor I3 Series Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

The I3 series smoke detectors represent a significant advancement in conventional detection. The I3 family is founded on three principles: Installation Ease, Intelligence, and Instant Inspection.

Mircom MDH-SL2000 Series
4-Wire Low-Flow Duct Detectors

Mircom's MDH-SL2000 Series Duct Smoke Detectors  are available in 4-wire ionization and photoelectric models. The MDH-SL2000 Series Duct Smoke Detectors are the latest innovation for early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC ducts in Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications.

System Sensor i3 Series Sounder and Relay Smoke Detectors

The i3 sounder and relay smoke detectors apply the guiding principles of installation ease, intelligence, and instant inspection in a series of specialty conventional devices.

System Sensor BEAM1224(S)
Single-ended Reflected Type Beam Smoke Detector

System Sensor's BEAM1224 is uniquely suited for protecting open areas with high ceilings — areas where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain.

System Sensor DH400ACDCIHT
High-Temperature Duct Smoke Detector

The System Sensor DH400ACDCIHT is designed for interior or exterior duct applications where extreme temperatures can exceed standard detector capabilities. (For exterior applications use DH400 OE-1 outdoor enclosure.) The DH400ACDCIHT samples air currents passing through a duct to provide dependable performance for management of fans, blowers, and air conditioning systems. The twist-in, twist-out 1451DHHT High-Temperature ionization detector head allows easy removal for quick cleaning, maintenance, and replacement without removing the duct housing.

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