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Doorline DR-200-MT

Door entry panel with push button
connects to telephone line by 2 wires and allows opening of the door from every telephone in the house.

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Telephone entry system for up to 200 Users

Slim design is ideal for applications with limited space, or for applications where a separate directory exists or is not required. Surface, semi-flush or pedestal mounting options (Optional adapter plate required to mount to a standard gooseneck post)

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Telephone entry system
for up to 2,000 users

Large scrolling 8 x 20 LCD display, Backit 16 digit keypad with dedicated operational buttons for Page Up, Page Down, Call and Info. Universal enclosure supports surface, semi-flush or pedestal mounting options (Optional adapter plate required to mount to a standard gooseneck post)

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Telephone Intercom and Access Control System


  • Connects directly to the existing residential home phone line.

  • Stainless steel faceplate with black powder coated housing.

  • 200 (4-digit) unique, programmable entry codes..

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Commercial and Gated Community Telephone Entry System

  • 2,000 Users Capacity

  • 5-inch backlit LCD screen

  • 4 lines with 20 characters per line display

  • Up to 2,000 totally flexible codes.

  • Codes can be programmed as directory codes or access codes

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RE-1N / RE-2N
Single home Tele-entry

esidential telephone entry system capable of sharing an existing phone line, a dedicated line, and dialing out up to 3 additional off site numbers or used as an intercom; integral keypad used to accept entry codes; integral radio receiver will accept signals from block coded transmitters; built-in clock calendar; voice prompts; accepts one remote keypad; provisions for dealer installed (not included) Knox switch; telephone bypass switch.

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Telephone Entry System with 125 tenant capacity.

  • 125 directory or personal entry codes

  • Supports up to four AE-100s on shared telephone line

  • LCD display: back-lit, 2-lines, 16 characters per line, 0.3” height

  • Call and directory scrolling buttons;

  • Optional, field upgradable color camera

  • Brushed stainless steel front panel

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Commercial Telephone Entry System with
Up to 250 user capacity and two Doors.

  • Stainless steel front panel

  • Telephone style keypad with surround lighting

  • Accepts up to 500 entry codes

  • Up to 500 block coded or 500 individually enrolled transmitters

  • Two-line-16-character LCD display

  • Built-in modem for remote programming

  • Two configurable output relays

  • Optional color CCTV camera

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Commercial Telephone Entry System with Access Control - Four Doors

  • Full control of 4 doors

  • Stainless steel face enclosure

  • Side-lit 12-key telephone style keypad

  • Back-lit two-line directory display with programmable display messages

  • Built-in microphone and speaker

  • Built-in RF receiver

  • Direct input for 2 card readers; add AM-CRI's for more

  • Local or remote programming using a PC

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