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Ditec VALOR HH is an automation system for doors with hermetic closure on all 4 sides; as it closes, the wing moves vertically and horizontally to press against the seals along the entire perimeter of the frame and along the floor.
Ditec VALOR HS is an automation system for doors with hermetic vertical closure and semi-hermetic horizontal closure: the wing provides a partial seal, abutting on the uprights of the frame and touching the crosspiece of the floor.  

Super silent operation
All versions feature super silent operation, thanks to the anti-vibration seals, making them ideal for environments where comfort, silence and a warm welcome are indispensable and fundamental requirements.

Maximum hygiene
The rounded guard and the screwless visible heads prevent dust from building up, making cleaning easy. Electrostatic energy that may have accumulated on the moving wings is permanently discharged, thus avoiding the build-up of dust too. Automatic doors must guarantee freedom of movement in absolute hygiene and safety both for patients and healthcare workers, without coming into manual contact with the  actual doors.
The entire range accommodates these needs fully.

Maximum safety
The motion detectors can be built into the automation and concealed. Consequently, they prevent the classic build-up of dust on elements outside the guard.
They also ensure protection not only in the doorway but also in the side opening movement of the wings, preventing accidental impact with unforeseen obstacles. They are indispensable when stretchers and wheelchairs are passing and may not be detected by traditional photocells.

Maximum capacity
The HS version fully satisfies the requirements of the radiologic sector, where wings are moved which are shielded against X-rays with lead protection that determine significant weight.

Maximum availability of finishes
Ditec VALOR HS and Ditec VALOR HH automatic entrances are available in all RAL colours, in anodised finishes (from natural silver to polished titanium) with panels surfaced in HPL laminate in the Abet/Print range of colours.
Ditec VALOR HS and Ditec VALOR HH can also be equipped  with AISI 304 stainless steel guards and wings in scotch brite finish.

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